Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rising Childhood Obesity and Children's Weight Loss Supplements

One of the most disturbing trends I've encountered in my work with is the continuing rise in childhood obesity rates. This report from the Center for Disease Control (already 4 years old) shows a disturbing upward trend; a 45% increase in childhood obesity levels over data obtained in 1988-1994. The ramifications of this are significant, as an increasingly younger, overweight and obese population will put massive strain on an already overburdoned health care system. Why childhood obesity is rising is open to debate -- a lack of after school programs, parents' lack of nutritional knowledge, a growing trend towards more indoor, inactive activities (like video games and TV), and greater reliance on takeout food when both parents are working -- these could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps what's even worse is that there are supplement manufacturers who are more than willing to capitalize on this "opportunity." Yes... there are fat burners available specifically formulated for children. Unfortunately, most are little use for anything other than separating parents from hard earned cash which would be better spent elsewhere. Lately the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has taken action against manufactures of several "weight loss for kids" supplements, including PediaLean, Skinny Pills for Kids, and PediaLoss. Here's the relevant links from the FTC Web site for you to check out... (PediaLoss) (PediaLean) (Skinny Pills)

Bottom line?

The answer to effective weight loss, whether it's for kids or adults is simple... a sensible diet with coupled with an effective exercise program (and no, a sensible diet does not include pizza and coke... unless it's only once per week. :-).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have pizza DAILY at my daughters middle school, pop dispensers (though those are about to get the heave ho, thank GOD) and candy machines. They also feel that a cinnamon roll is a side dish and at my other daughters elementary school, a cinnamon roll is considered breakfast. Teachers give the kids candy as rewards and also as incentives. Incentives to read are certificates to Taco Time and McDonalds. Then there is the issue of the yearly cut down of recess.

At the age of 6 my oldest daughter had 40 minutes of recess after lunch. The next year it was 30 and the next year 20.

This year my youngest started first grade. The amount of recess she gets after lunch is 15 minutes.

I am so sick of every time I turn on the news hearing "American kids the fattest in the world" Well how can they combat that when they get no recess and lunches at school STINK, and they can buy junk food there too. And the more you resrict it at home, they more they get sneaky about getting it at school.

My youngest daughter is in school from 9:20 to 3:30. By the time she gets home its 4 pm. Theres not exactly a whole lot of time to go out and get a ton of exercise at this point.

She is skinny. My older daughter gets PE every day and plays ever sport known to man. She's chubby. They eat the same. So explain.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Spider63 said...

Obese kids are sick and need help badly For a child to grow up obese is horrible. They never play outside, participate in youth sports, and they get diabetes and other illnesses.

5:50 AM  

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